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Isaac "Yitzy" Schleifer - District 5

100 Holliday Street
Room 511
​Baltimore, Maryland 21202


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Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Legislative Accomplishments

City Code - Definitions and Rules of Interpretation 
Charter Amendment - Disposition of City-Owned Real Property 
Paying DPW Workers What They Deserve
Private Security Camera System Rebate and Voucher Program 
Request for State Action - Allow Our Sheriffs to Collectively Bargain
Property Tax Credit - Low-Income Employees of the City of Baltimore
Property Tax Credit - Public Safety Officers 
Water Accountability and Equity Act 
Transparency and Oversight in Claims and Litigation
Dump the Stump
Request for State Action - Real Property Tax Credit for Grocery Stores in Food Desert Retail Incentive Areas
Whistleblower Rights and Responsibilities
Lactation Accommodations in the Workplace
Calling for Support of the BMORE Invested Campaign for Year-Round Youth Jobs Program
Ethics Code - Transparency in Lobbying Act 
Diaper-Changing Amenity
Supporting Public Workers’ Right to Organize
Special Benefits Districts - Bmore Safe Places 
Discounted City Services and Equipment for Nonprofit Events
Reviving the Baltimore Police Cadet Program 
Transparency in Procurement 

*Acknowledgements for Public Service 
*Honoring United States Representative Elijah Cummings
*Honoring Former Mayor Thomas J. D'Alesandro III