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Danielle McCray - District 2

410-396-4414 (fax)
100 Holliday Street
Room 525
​Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Councilmember's Bio:

Danielle McCray is a public servant and community organizer. Danielle learned the importance of hard work, civic advocacy and public service from her family at a young age. Growing up, Danielle assisted her mother in running the local community association, learning the true importance of this work when the community successfully stopped plans to close a neighborhood recreation center.


In 2011, recognizing that too many elected leaders in Baltimore were not engaging with communities or empowering the next generation of public servants, Danielle co-founded the BEST Democratic Club in order to register voters, increase voter turnout and empower new leaders to run for elected office. Through her work with BEST, Danielle helped to transform the Baltimore City Council and the Maryland General Assembly by electing leaders who are raising expectations for public service.


For five years, Danielle worked alongside previous 2nd District Councilman Brandon Scott on gun violence, public health and equity in government issues. Now as the district’s councilwoman, she will continue to serve the communities of the 2nd District with high-quality constituent services and active engagement.


Born and raised in Baltimore City, Danielle attended Baltimore City Public Schools and is proud graduate of the City’s prestigious Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. She currently resides in the Waltherson community.