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Overtime Payment Settlement Announced for Office of Comptroller Employees

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A settlement has been reached with employees of the Office of the Comptroller following a 2020 investigation by the Department of Labor (DOL) into overtime pay practices under the Pratt administration.


The $119.839.05 settlement, paid voluntarily by the City, will be presented to the Board of Estimates for approval at its December 22nd meeting.


In 2020 the DOL began an investigation into labor practices in the Office of then Comptroller Joan Pratt, focusing on the time period between 2018 through 2020. Following the investigation, DOL confirmed that a number of employees worked over 40 hours a week and were entitled to overtime compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


The City has agreed to pay affected employees back-overtime wages as part of the settlement facilitated with the full cooperation of current Comptroller Bill Henry and his administration.


“I’m grateful that the Department of Labor and the City Law Department were able to collaborate on an equitable settlement that appropriately compensates our current and former staff for their work,” said Comptroller Bill Henry. “Since Day 1, my administration has operated in accordance with the standards set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act. We took a hard look at the office culture we inherited and have committed to the collaborative teamwork with each of our departments that will ensure workplace values of dignity and respect.”


This settlement will be placed on the non-routine agenda at Wednesday's BOE meeting.





Candance Greene
Deputy Director of Communications
Office of City Council President Nick J. Mosby

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