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Newly signed into law, security deposit legislation to bring housing stability to Baltimore families

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BALTIMORE, MD (Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021) – Baltimore City Council President Nick J. Mosby issued the following statement on the final piece of the Council's first major legislative package being enacted into law:


“With today’s action, we take a moment to pause and reflect on the new protections and safeguards our renters now have as they navigate the turmoil this pandemic is causing in their lives. Our legislation to provide up to $2,000 toward security deposits — signed by the mayor today — means more families will be able to access safe, quality housing. Anyone who has ever struggled knows a security deposit is one of the biggest barriers to housing. 


“This new law is part of a broader initiative and the first major legislative package of the 73rd City Council. Once renters are in their homes, our ‘late fees’ legislation provides a guaranteed grace period to give them a buffer. And finally, our ‘just cause’ legislation offers an innovative approach to protecting renters from evictions. This law requires landlords to have a specific reason for evicting tenants during the pandemic — other than their failure to pay rent. If there was any doubt of the urgency, look no further than recent court data that show an alarming surge in evictions. 


“Together, these legislative solutions offer wrap-around support that means more Baltimore families can rest a little easier in the security we have been able to provide. Thanks to my partners on the Council, especially Vice President Sharon Green Middleton and Councilmembers Robert Stokes and Tony Glover.”





Candance Greene
Deputy Director of Communications
Office of City Council President Nick J. Mosby

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