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Council President Scott Responds to Mayor’s Vetoes of City Charter Amendments

Council President Scott Responds to Mayor’s Vetoes of City Charter Amendments

Scott expresses that this decision should have been left to City voters in November election


BALTIMORE, MD (May 18, 2020) -- Baltimore City Council President Brandon M. Scott released the following statement regarding Mayor Jack Young’s veto of two charter amendments: one that would override mayoral vetoes with a two-thirds vote instead of a three-quarters vote (19-0380), and another that extends the deadline for the council to vote on overriding vetoes in certain circumstances(19-0467): 

“I am disappointed to hear that Mayor Young has vetoed legislation that would begin to bring accountability to city government. By unilaterally vetoing these bills, he is depriving voters of an opportunity to be heard.

It is ironic that the mayor suddenly pretends to care so much about public input. After all, he is the same person who introduced and passed a charter amendment in a single day. 

It is also ironic because this process involved robust public input. The Equity and Structure Committee held three, in-person public hearings on these bills, where members of the public had the opportunity to and did provide their input on these charter amendments, including at public hearings held outside of city hall. 

Voters are the ones who should be deciding the fate of these charter amendments on their November ballots, and the Mayor should trust the process and allow them to do so.”





Candance Greene
Deputy Director of Communications
Office of City Council President Nick J. Mosby

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