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Council President Calls for Changes to the June 2 Primary Election to Protect the Right to Vote

Council President Calls for Changes to the June 2 Primary Election to Protect the Right to Vote

Council President Scott Thanks State Board of Elections for Holding Public Meeting Today on Whereabouts of Baltimore’s Ballots

BALTIMORE, MD (May 20, 2020) ⁠— In a letter sent Wednesday afternoon, City Council President Brandon M. Scott thanked the State Board of Elections for holding an emergency public meeting today at 4:30PM regarding the delay in delivery of ballots to Baltimore City residents for the June 2 mail-in primary election. 

The Council President writes, “I am deeply concerned that the receipt of late ballots will surely disenfranchise a number of Baltimore City voters. Therefore, I would suggest that the Board immediately institute certain procedural changes that will lessen the damage done to the Baltimore City residents’ fundamental right to vote.”

The Council President’s suggestions include:

  • Placement of additional ballot drop box locations in order to guarantee that at least one box is in each council district.
  • A substantial public education program to instruct the voters as to rules for completing and submitting the mail-in ballot. 
  • Extending the deadline for acceptance of all ballots by 2 days.

This letter follows an emergency press conference held by the Council President last Friday requesting information about the whereabouts of Baltimore’s ballots.

On Sunday, May 17, the Council President released a statement calling for the Board of Elections to hold an emergency meeting no later than Tuesday, May 19 after the State Board of Elections acknowledged that ballots destined for Baltimore City were not mailed to registered voters by May 8, 2020, as previously promised.

On Monday, May 18, the Council President made that request in writing, in a letter delivered to the State Board of Elections.

“When people marched and died for this right, and when voting rights are under attack at the national level, it is everyone’s responsibility to take this matter with the greatest seriousness,” said Council President Scott.

Read the Council President’s letter in full here.





Candance Greene
Deputy Director of Communications
Office of City Council President Nick J. Mosby

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