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District 9 Communities

Neighborhoods within district:

103 and 104 Harlem Park Block Club
Arunah Avenue Neighborhood Association*
Barre Circle Community Association*
Bentalou Improvement Association*
Brice Street Association
Bridgeview Neighborhood Improvement Association*
Carroll/Camden Industrial Business Association*
Carrollton Ridge Association, Inc.*
Communities Working Together, Inc.
Concerned Citizens of Poppleton, Inc.*
Concerned Citizens of Rosemont
Edmondson Community Organizations, Inc.*
Eubie Blake Home Owners Association*
Evergreen Protective Association, Inc.*
Fayette Street Outreach Organization*
Franklin Square Community Association, Inc.*
Franklintown Road Neighborhood Improvement Association*
Franklintown Road Neighborhood Improvement Community Association
Friends of Carroll Park
Friends of Riggs Avenue Home Improvement Association
Greenlawn Neighborhood Association*
Harlem Park Neighborhood Council, Inc.
Harlem Park Revitalization Corporation
Harlem Park Trust, Inc.
Harlem Park/Lafayette Square Village Center
Harlem Square Community Association*
Harvey Johnson Towers Tenant Committee
Hearts of Pigtown
Hollins House Tenants Council
Hollins Round House, Inc.*
La Burt Improvement Association*
Lafayette Community Association*
Lafayette Square Association, Inc.*
Lanvale Street Civic Association*
Lithuanian Hall Association, Inc.*
McHenry/Franklintown/Frederick Improvement Association*
Mercy Southwest Alliance
Midtown Edmondson Improvement Association*
Midtown Edmondson Merchants' Improvement Association*
Mill Hill Area Council, Inc.*
Mosher Ridge Improvement Association*
Mt. Clare Overlook Resident Association
N M Carroll Manor Tenants Council*
Neighbors Stand United Community Association*
New Creations Community Development Corp.
New Monroe Community Association
New Southwest Mt. Clare Community Association*
Odyssey 2000*
Operation Reachout-Southwest-(OROSW)*
Penrose-Lexington Community Association*
Pinehurst Protective Association*
Poppleton Cooperative, Inc.*
Restivo Square Community Association
Ridgely's Delight Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Rosemont Homeowners' and Tenants' Association
Rosemont Neighborhood Improvement Association, Inc.
Rosemont Tower Tenants Association
Roundhouse Square Homeowners' Association
Saint Paul's Community Association
Sandtown Village Cooperative Association
Sandtown-Winchester Condominium Association*
Smallwood Street Community Association
Southern District Police-Community Relations Council
Southwest Community Council, Inc.
Southwest Sanitation Task Force*
Southwest Visions*
Southwestern Improvement Association*
Sowebo Merchants Association
Tri-Churches Housing, Inc.
Union Square Neighborhood Association, Inc.*
Village Center of Poppleton, Inc.
Washington Boulevard Main Street
Washington Village Commercial & Community Revitalization Council, Inc.
Washington Village Gateway Outdoors Museum, Inc.
Washington Village/Pigtown Neighborhood Planning Council
West Lafayette Community Association*
West Pratt Street Merchants Association
Western Community Action Center
Western District Police-Community Relations Council*
Westport Improvement Association, Inc.
Winchester Improvement Association*


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