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President's Legislative and Policy Proposal


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Wednesday, July 31, 2019


We hear over and over again that people feel disconnected from their government and don’t feel like they get the service they deserve. Our neighbors have witnessed corruption and have been frustrated by the lack of sustained results to our most pressing challenges. Some think things will never change, but that’s not Baltimore’s destiny. 


As Council President, I want to focus the City Council’s work over the next year and a half  to deliver for Baltimore’s residents and bring greater transparency to the way we operate. I developed this policy proposal, highlighting cleaning up city government, improving public safety, investing in our youth, embedding equity in our work, and centering public engagement. 


We will continue to make necessary reforms to make our government more accountable. We will leverage all of the resources at our disposal to address the disease of gun violence and heal our city with compassion and holistic services. We will press for more serious investment in Baltimore’s youth, from school funding to increased recreational opportunities. We will embed a framework of equity into our local government to ensure all of our communities are supported, invested in, and valued. 


The best government is one that invites its residents into the conversation while being responsive to their needs. The priorities, perspectives, and ideas of Baltimoreans must be reflected in this document, too. As such, my team has developed an engagement plan to present this information and solicit feedback. I will be taking these ideas out of City Hall 

and into our neighborhoods. 


During the month of August, I will host a series of community forums across the city to share this proposal and solicit resident feedback. The input and ideas that come out of these forums, along with input submitted to, will re-shape this document and the priorities of the City Council through the end of 2020. 


I look forward to discussing these proposals with you. Please join me at one of the forums. Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard. I am eager to hear what you have to share. 


Brandon M. Scott

President, Baltimore City Council



Providing Input:

Policy impacts people, so people should impact policy. Residents can share their impressions and ideas on social media with the hashtag #BaltimoreCanBmore or by emailing


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