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District 2 Initiatives

2nd Reads


2nd Reads is a reading program where Councilman Scott visits a school in the 2nd District on the second Tuesday of each month to read with students. Councilman Scott, is joined by special guest(s) in reading to students highlighting not only the importance of reading, but also of engaging and building strong partnerships with the community by volunteering in our schools. If you are interested in participating in 2nd Reads, please contact the councilman’s office on 410-396-4808 or by email at


Running 2 Be Fit


Running 2 Be Fit is Councilman Scott’s passionate initiative to help promote the importance of being fit and healthy with the community. An avid runner himself, Councilman Scott knows that his sport has many benefits that contribute to longevity and living a healthy lifestyle. During the spring and summer months the running group meets weekly, for training sessions and course runs on different terrains. Running 2 Be Fit is an opportunity for runners of all levels to run and be fit.


2nd Lunches


2nd Lunches is an Initiative that provides students of 2nd District Schools to have lunch with Coun- cilman Scott. Each month Councilman Scott has lunch with a small group of students who may have had a rough start to the school year but, have demonstrated significant improvement. Councilman Scott understands the importance of mentoring and spending time with students and recognizing them for their efforts.


2nd Saturdays Leadership Academy


The 2nd Saturdays Leadership Academy is a program designed to develop and provide leadership skills to young people. The enrich- ment program provides a series of lessons, workshops, activities and services every second Saturday of the month. This year, 12 eigth grade students were selected from Vanguard Collegiate Middle School to participate. Councilman Scott belives that cultivating the next generation of leaders is vital to Baltimore’s Future.