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Council President's Staff

Subject | Interoffice Staff Emails – Master List (Updated)

Prepared by | Lia Lynch, Special Assistant, Office of the Council President

Date | Thursday, May 16, 2019

Senior Staff – Office of the Council President

Council President Brandon Scott

Hosea T. Chew

Michael Huber

Danielle Laurenceau

Kimberly Rubens

Rebecca Simmons

Staff Emails

Betsy Gardner

Charles Jackson

Denise Richards

Denise Schoolcraft

Desi McCoy

Ervin Bishop

Fred Gilliam

Gia Montgomery

Glenda Curtis

Lia Lynch

Lynn Baker (scheduling)

Mary Demory

Myles Handy

Natawna Austin

Susie Lang

Tommy Phillips T

Tony Savage

Office of Council Services

Larry Greene

Jennifer Coates

Marguerite Currin

Matthew Peters

Richard Krummerich

Samuel Johnson


Council District Contact Information

District Council Member or Staff Email

District 1 Zeke Cohen

District 3 Ryan Dorsey

District 4 Bill Henry (for entire office)

District 5 Yitzy Schleifer (for entire office)

Chaquetta Wallace

District 6 Sharon Middleton (for entire office)

District 7 Leon Pinkett

District 8 Kristerfer Burnett

Adam Abadir

District 9 John Bullock

District 10 Edward Reisinger

District 11 Eric Costello

District 12 Robert Stokes (for entire office)

District 13 Shannon Sneed

District 14 Mary Pat Clarke

Cindy Leahy

Stephanie Murdock

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