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Council President Young issues statement on DPW rate increases

BALTIMORE, MD - “I voted ‘no’ on today's water rate increase because I am concerned about the way it will impact those least able to pay.


I appreciate DPW’s efforts to find solutions, but we are still not there.


Water rates have risen through the roof over the last decade  and I have voted no on every increase.


I recognize the City's infrastructure needs are severe but our citizens cannot continue to be asked to foot the bill for all of the work.


We have all worked tirelessly to come up with solutions.


I’ve worked with the Department to increase the Senior Citizen Discount Program and the Low Income Water Assistance Program.


I’ve consistently reached out to our federal government for federal assistance with our water infrastructure needs.


And most recently, I’ve introduced the Water Accountability and Equity Act to provide a consistent, fair and neutral process to resolve water billing problems for everyone, especially those who are least able to pay.


The legislation offers a real affordability program, provides a path out of water debt, and offers forward-thinking protections.


I believe we can work together at all levels of government to come up with solutions.


As an elected official, it is my job to make sure every single Baltimorean has access to safe and affordable water.”

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