Board of Estimates

Recess Dates

The Board of Estimates will not meet on the following Wednesdays:

September 30, 2015
November 11, 2015
December 2, 2015
December 30, 2015
January 6, 2015
February 17, 2015
May 25, 2015
July 6, 2015
August 3, 2015
September 7, 2015

The Mission and Purpose of the Board of Estimates

The Board of Estimates formulates and executes the fiscal policy of the City. The Board may promulgate rules and regulations and summon before it the heads of departments, bureaus or divisions, municipal officers, and members of commissions and boards to exercise its powers and perform its duties.

The Board of Estimates conducts formal hearings in regard to operating and capital budget requests by City agencies; prepares a proposed Ordinance of Estimates to be submitted to the City Council and is the entity responsible for awarding contracts and supervising all purchasing by the City.

The Role of the City Council President in the Board of Estimates

The President of the City Council is also the President. The City Council President presides over the weekly Board of Estimates meetings and prepares the President's Memo which lists the agenda items to be considered on the Routine Agenda (items voted upon in aggregate) and the Non-Routine Agenda (items voted upon individually).

Members of the Board of Estimates

The Board of Estimates is composed of the Mayor, President of the City Council, Comptroller, City Solicitor, and Director of Public Works. The President of the City Council is the President of the Board, and one of the members serves as Secretary. The Mayor appoints the non-elected officials of the Board and which member shall be the Secretary. Below are the current members of the Board of Estimates:

Bernard C. "Jack" Young, City Council President and Chair of the Board of Estimates
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor
Joan M. Pratt, Comptroller and Secretary to the Board of Estimates
George Nilson, City Solicitor
Rudolph S. Chow, P.E., Director of Public Works

Meeting Times and Dates of the Board of Estimates

The Board of Estimates meets every Wednesday, unless otherwise notified, at 9:00 a.m. on the second floor of City Hall, room 215.

Proposed Ethics Board Regulation on Procurement Lobbying